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BIA Interferes With California Valley Miwok Tribal Enrollment and Revenue

    STOCKTON, Calif., Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The members of the California
Valley Miwok Tribe were dismayed to learn that the oral argument that had
been previously scheduled for Friday, October 12th, 2007 at 9:30 A.M.,
Court 22 Annex, Judges Griffith, Edwards & Williams, 333 Constitution Ave.
NW, Washington DC 20001, will now also include four minutes of testimony by
Chadd Everone/Ludwig and his illegitimate faction, as granted by the United
States Department of Justice. It is the Tribe's opinion that the Justice
Department has orchestrated this travesty of protocol in hopes of diluting
the legal facts of the case, which weigh heavily in the Tribe's favor.
    Tribal Council member Rashel Reznor, stated "It figures that when the
Justice Department saw they had a transparent case of lies and deceit, they
would bring in what was ruled by Judge Robertson to be uninterested
parties, who were previously barred from this case, to create a
smokescreen. It's the only reason the Tribe is in the appeals process right
now, because this win-at-any-cost strategy of the (United States) attorneys
has been working."
    When asked, Anjelica Paulk, the Tribe's Director of Enrollment, added
"What bothers the Enrollment Committee, is that none of these people have
even so much as requested an enrollment application. In fact, we have sent
applications out to those whose names were verified as being part of the
unrecognized, yet intransigent and unsubstantiated group, but most were
returned unopened or not even returned at all. However, all of the
certified documents were signed for by the people they were addressed to.
The return receipts are on file."
    Miss Paulk further stated, "I don't know what their developer is
telling them, but they certainly don't give me the impression of people who
wish to be any part of a democratically-run organization which seeks to
better the quality of life and opportunity for historically disadvantaged
Indian peoples. I think all they have in their minds is 'casino' and what
they can get out of it as individuals."
    The Tribe has an extensive paper trail which implicates the local
Bureau of Indian Affairs-Central California Agency, whom of which the Tribe
is currently under jurisdiction, of involvement and an unethical
relationship with Chadd Everone/Ludwig's group. There is also documented
evidence of Everone/Ludwig hiring both an ex-commissioner of the California
Gambling Control Commission and an ex-attorney of the General Council of
the Commission, to exploit their pre-existing personal relationships to
influence the current Commission members to discontinue the State Revenue
Funding which is due to the Tribe.
    The aim of the tactic is to undermine the Tribe financially by having
these people, who are outside the definitions of the regulations, freeze
the Tribe's funds; the result of which will cause the Tribe to shutdown
most, if not all, of its assistance programs, which have been thus far
aiding Tribal members and unrecognized Indians alike.
    The Tribe sincerely requests that anyone from a federally recognized
tribe, whether they are a member or government official, please attend the
court hearing and support our Tribe. There is strength in numbers and an
attack against any tribe where the Department of the Interior feels they
have some sort of inherent authority over who is and who isn't entitled to
be a member of a tribe, is an attack against all tribes' sovereign rights
and self determination. If the Department of the Interior is successful in
their attempt to control our Tribe, it could initiate a new legal precedent
that can then be used to usurp any tribal membership or government that
currently exists or ever will.
    Something must be done. Why do the very people who are supposed to
enforce federal laws and regulations, choose to ignore them when those
conventions do not serve to produce the desired results of selfish actions?
    For further information about the California Valley Miwok Tribe's latest
activities, please visit us on the web at or
    The California Valley Miwok Tribe is solely responsible for the content
of this press release.

SOURCE California Valley Miwok Tribe

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