California Valley Miwok Tribe Requests Government Cooperation to Remove Criminal Elements From Tribal Discussions.

PR Newswire Oct 17 , 2006

STOCKTON, Calif., Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the California Valley Miwok Tribe (CVMT) whose history stretches back far beyond the days of the silver boom in Northern California is under attack. After several attempts by CVMT Chairperson, Silvia Burley to mitigate a dispute by a non-tribal faction of insurgents made up of convicted murderers, registered child sex offenders, convicted felons, persons with multiple alias', civil judgments, along with other non-native Americans. CVMT may well be overtaken by this group of criminals in the coming days ahead.

All of these insurgents and their activities have been aided by current and former state personnel of the California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC) and the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs/Central California Agency (USDOI/BIA/CCA) in Sacramento. Arlo Smith, former CGCC commissioner and Peter Melnicoe, a former CGCC attorney, Elizabeth Walker, Washington, D.C. attorney are working on behalf of this insurgent group of criminals.

This group is led by a non-indian named Chadd Everone. Mr. Everone has stated definitively that his primary interest is a casino. In addition, Mr. Everone has stated there are 11 people on his payroll in Washington, D.C. including Elizabeth Walker who are helping this insurgent group and its efforts to take over the tribe. Collectively these agencies and personnel are aiding the insurgent group to steal the leadership of the tribe and its rightful federal government relationship with the Chairperson of the CVMT, Ms. Burley.

  The Insurgents 
  Yakima Dixie - convicted of viciously murdering his handicapped uncle and 
  has made multiple threats on the lives of legitimate tribal members and 
  the current Chairperson. 
  Antone Azevedo - a registered sex offender (Megan's Law) 
  Manuel Felix Lopstain - a registered sex offender (Megan's Law) 
  Gary Raymond Drummonds (a.k.a. Gary Whitebear) - registered sex offender 
  (Megan's Law) 
  Melvin Dixie - a convicted felon for armed robbery 
  Elizabeth Walker - Washington, D.C. attorney 
  Arlo Smith - former CGCC commissioner 
  Peter Melnicoe - former CGCC attorney 

"It is beyond comprehension that state and federal agencies would allow such intrusive and illegal actions to occur to a tribe that has obeyed the rules and followed the mandates of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and respected their own sovereignty", said former BIA attorney and current CVMT attorney, Phillip E. Thompson.

Since 1999 the federal government has recognized Silvia Burley as Chairperson of the CVMT. As far back as 1995, Chairperson Burley became an official member of the CVMT tribal government. Recently, Burley was re- elected to a second term. During this period of time non-Indian charlatans like Chadd Everone realized they could manipulate the federal government to acquire the leadership of the tribe.

"No one in our tribal government or tribal community believed it when the state and federal officials began actually working with these criminals and others to manipulate our history, tribal government, sovereignty, and future. It is purely criminal." Remarked, Chairperson Silvia Burley.

The CVMT is not a gaming tribe. They do not have and are not currently seeking a compact with the State of California. 1) CVMT simply wants the BIA to perform its technical duties in regards to background information with current applications that have been previously submitted to their office. Their applications have been gathering dust for two years at BIA. With no action by BIA. 2) CVMT desires to continue its government-to-government relationship with the federal government via its 638 contracting. 3) CVMT requests that the BIA reaffirm its relationship with Chairperson Burley and the tribe.

"Our people have suffered enough at the hands of careless officials. Our heritage and contributions to this country deserve greater respect then we have experienced in the past few years." remarked, Chairperson Burley. "We are a peaceful people." We cannot tolerate the intrusion of criminals and child predators into our tribal government." said, Burley. "We are asking the Secretary of the Interior and Governor Schwarzenegger to work swiftly to stop this destruction of our tribe's sovereign status and publicly disavow the sponsorship of this criminal enterprise and its members by state and federal government officials."

CONTACT: Phillip E. Thompson, for the California Valley Miwok Tribe, +1-703-779-8783 or +1-202-293-3144

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