The California Valley Miwok Tribe Retains Its Tribal Sovereignty

The California Valley Miwok Tribe Retains Its Tribal Sovereignty

STOCKTON, Calif., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The California Valley Miwok Tribe today has been made aware that Jane Smith, who works directly for Scott Keep at the Department of the Interior, (who's bias interactions, in favor of Chadd Everone, aka Ludwig, shall be presented in future press releases) and Mark Haig of the Department of Justice are conspiring to continue the Interior Departments unlawful re-organization of an already organized federal Indian Tribe, ignoring the fact that there is currently an appeal on file stating that the Tribe does not believe that the Interior has a right to organize any American Indian Tribe, including the California Valley Miwok Tribe, against the wishes of its recognized membership.

These Individuals on behalf of the government are attempting to overthrow the existing elected tribal government and circumvent the rights of all the tribe's members by meeting with and organizing the tribe with Yakima Dixie, a convicted murderer whose competency is currently in question and whom is no longer a member, and Velma (Corea) Whitebear, whom has no association with the Tribe and is part of a second group that Mr. Everone aka Ludwig has assembled after a failed attempt with a previous group to take control of the Tribe.

It is documented in an earlier census of the United States, State of California that Velma (Corea) Whitebear 's father, Antone "Tony" Corea's, nationality was Portuguese. Antone Corea lived in Fresno and his spouse is listed as Annie (Geto) Corea. It also has been revealed that Velma (Corea) Whitebear's Grandfather Pete Geto was a Mexican National, born in Mexico. Velma Whitebear has yet to bring forth to the Tribe any legitimate American Indian Heritage.

Chadd Everone aka Ludwig, a Caucasian, was brought in by Le Roi Chapelle and William "Bill" Martin to facilitate control of the tribe when they discovered in December 1999, through Ray Fry, Tribal Operations, BIA/CCA, that Yakima Dixie was not the Chairperson or the leader of the tribe. Even with the truth being known, Bill Martin and Le Roi Chapelle manipulated Yakima Dixie (whom had no authority to sign any contracts or agreements on behalf of the Tribe and certainly no authority to put the sovereignty of the entire tribe in jeopardy) to sign the proposed agreement with the fictitious group created by them known as ABC Boxing, Inc., and/or the Martin/Chapelle Group. Upon the discovery of the true Chairperson being Silvia Burley, in 2000, Mr. Everone aka Ludwig was brought in to orchestrate the web of deceit that a few opportunist in the DOI/BIA have used to diminish the tribe's rights, as a way to oust the legitimate body of members that will not surrender their sovereignty or bend to the will of an illegitimate group or illegal and unethical actions of BIA Officials in Central California and Washington, D.C.

In the Deposition of Dale Risling, Sr., Superintendent CCA/BIA, Tuesday, February 10, 2004, Mr. Rising states that the Central California Agency/Bureau of Indian Affairs recognizes Silvia Burley to be the Chairperson of the California Valley Miwok Tribe since the tribe notified the BIA in 1999. He also states that the California Valley Miwok Tribe is a federally recognized Tribe. On record in this same deposition, it is recorded that the CCA/BIA takes the position that the California Valley Miwok Tribe does not need to organize pursuant to the Indian Reorganization Act. Further into the deposition of Mr. Risling, he states that the Bureau does not get involved into the internal election disputes of tribes. When asked, if there ever were any internal issues relating to an election at Hoopa while Mr. Risling was Chair, he answered yes, there were. Asked if the BIA involved itself in that internal dispute. He answered, No.

With all the evidence gathered and presented for review, the current members of the California Valley Miwok Tribe ask how is it that the current Superintendent of the CCA/BIA "Troy Burdick" has any authority to decide to re-organize this Tribe or any Tribe. How is it that we have organized under Custom and Tradition with elections on file within the CCA/BIA, including Tribal Governmental Policies. Procedures, Ordinances, a Ratified Constitution, Tribal Resolutions, several years of Tribal Audits, Mature Status P.L. 93-638 Contracts. (All within compliance as stated by Mr. Stuart Mani during a BIA on-site visit). It is well documented that Mr. Dixie failed to bring his complaint to the Tribe in a timely manner. A letter was written to Mr. Dixie in early 2000 explaining that due to failure of him to present any evidence and/or a complaint in regards to his allegations of fraud, the Tribal Council now considers this issue quieted. Mr. Dixie brought suit on this issue in Federal Court twice against the Tribe and was dismissed both times. The rightful tribal members of the California Valley Miwok Tribe feel strongly that their rights are being violated and Mr. Dixie continues to get special treatment and unlimited time to continue to bring forth a fraudulent complaint of which he had three chances to bring to the Tribe and did not do so. Be it known that Mr. Yakima Dixie, who is being manipulated by Chadd Everone aka Ludwig and Velma (Corea) Whitebear, has cost the Tribe millions of dollars to defend itself from being taken over by this fictitious group. We have put out packets to officials in the State of California and in Washington, D.C. with requests for our elected leaders of this country to step in and correct the injustices committed against our Tribe. This fictitious group is causing irreparable damage to our sovereignty and our survival. Is it not true that the purpose of the Bureau of Indian Affairs is to protect federally recognized Indian Tribes. Why then are officials within the Department of the Interior working with Chadd Everone aka Ludwig (a non-Indian) and his group of (non-recognized, non-verified individuals purporting to be Native American, most being convicted felons including but not limited to murder, drug manufacturing, and pedophilia) and ignoring the requests from the federally recognized members of our Tribe to get these criminals our of our internal tribal affairs?

For updated information watch for future press releases in which the tribe shall continue to expose this group's unethical connections to the BIA/ DOI Officials in California and Washington, D.C.

For current information on the California Valley Miwok Tribe please visit us at (uncensored) or at (censored by the DOI Solicitor in Washington DC).

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