Non-members Scheme to Take Control of the Tribe, Dupe the BIA

The California Valley Miwok Tribe (the "Tribe") and its members have been through many struggles over the past several years. In order to inform the public and other Indian peoples, we are posting information regarding the past and present injustices and issues facing our Tribe to dispel the rumors, propaganda and other misinformation about our Tribe.

There is a group of people comprised of current felons, registered sex offenders, former California Gambling Control Commission officials and current Bureau of Indian Affairs employees who have concocted a scheme to take over our Tribe by misleading State and Federal officials, filing false court documents and misleading the Department of the Interior/Bureau of Indian Affairs. This group calls itself the "Sheep Ranch Rancheria of California, a.k.a California Valley Miwok Tribe". Their group can be recognized by the flame logo on their letterhead.

In 1999, William "Bill" Martin and Le Roi Chapelle read a news article about the Proposition 1-A, regarding indian Gaming and they contacted Yakima Dixie believing that he was the chairperson of our Tribe, in order to enter into a casino deal. When they discovered that Mr. Dixie was in fact not the chairperson of the Tribe, they contacted a Mr.Chadd Everone (a.k.a. Chadd Allen Ludwig) who began to concoct the scheme to take over the Tribe. Many of their attempts have been unsuccessful, but Mr.Everone has persisted in his scheme to "make a financial killing" to get a casino deal.

In order to acheive their financial desires, Mr.Everone, as a non-Indian, has appointed himself "Deputy to Yakima Dixie" due to the fact that Mr.Dixie is a convicted murderer and current felon on parole. Additionally, Mr.Everone has gathered a group of individuals who not only have questionatble Indian heritage and ancestry, but have criminal backgrounds equally as offensive as Mr.Dixie's. This group alledges to be members of our Tribe.