Non-members Scheme to Take Control of the Tribe, Dupe the BIA
( Part II )

Despite the fact that the composition of the group controlled by Mr.Everone is constantly changing, the most recent court document lists the group as being partially comprised of:

  • Yakima Dixie - convicted of viciously murdering his handicapped uncle by shooting him repeatedly and savagely hacking him to death, first-degree burglary, robbery, possession of stolen property, assault with a deadly weapon (firearm) and drunk driving four times. In addition to these charges, he was most recently convicted of sexual assault, harassment and felony posession of a firearm. Mr.Dixie has made multiple threats on the lives of legitimate tribal members and the current Chairperson.
  • Melvin Dixie - a convicted felon for armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, posession of drugs and drug-related paraphenalia, felony theft and public drunkeness.
  • Antone Azevedo - a registered sex offender for lewd or lascivious acts with children under 14 years of age. (Megan's Law Record)
  • Manuel Felix Lopstain - a registered sex offender for annoying/molesting children and is identified as hispanic in ethnicity. (Megan's Law Record)
  • Gary Raymond Drummonds (a.k.a. Gary Whitebear) - a registered sex offender for lewd or lascivious acts with children under 14 years of age and forced oral copulation with persons under 14 years of age. (Megan's Law Record)
  • Robert Ramirez, Jr. - convicted of battery, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of drugs and drug-related paraphenalia. Mr.Ramirez is believed to be currently in the custody of the Calaveras County jail after being arrested on 'felony assault with a deadly weapon' charges.

This group's ploy is to make it look like there is a leadership dispute and undermine the actions of our Tribal Council. As all of you know, Silvia Burley was officially elected Chairperson on May 8th,1999 and she was also unanimously re-elected for a second term in 2006. There is no legitimate leadership dispute in our Tribe. Unfortunately, non-Indian officials in the Federal Government and the State of California have chosen to hold our Tribe hostage to the demands of these criminals and interefere with our Tribal business.

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