Non-members Scheme to Take Control of the Tribe, Dupe the BIA
( Part III )

The confusion and misinformation orchestrated by Mr.Everone has been further complicated by his current legal representation by Mr.Pete Melnicoe, a former lawyer for the California Gambling Control Commission and Mr.Arlo Smith, a former commisioner for the CGCC both of whom while holding positions with the CGCC, directly influenced CGCC actions with respect to the Tribe.

Collectively, they have conspired to alledge a leadership dispute to withhold revenue sharing and at the present time, Mr.Everone has been secretly meeting with BIA officials to interfere with the Tribe's current P.L. 638 contract. We have learned that on behalf of the group of questionable individuals, Mr.Everone has been instructed by a BIA official to submit a 638 contract to confuse the BIA in determining which contract to award, despite the fact that our Tribe has earned and achieved perfect audits and "mature status" with our 638 contract.

It deeply troubles the Tribe that these outrageous actions can go on without notice or interest of public officials or other tribes. Other than their financial motives and objectives, it is unclear why this would continue. Our Tribe is of custom and tradition and has submitted our constitiution to the BIA, which they will not accept because it appears to be the BIA's desire to have our Tribe governed by murderers and felons and operated under IRA, so that the BIA and Mr.Everone can control our Tribe.

Our Tribe has submitted countless oral and written requests for further information to assist us with pending enrollment applications ( currently on file at Central California Agency BIA ). Despite these requests to legitimately enroll potential members to the Tribe, the BIA has withheld this information and chosen to assist Mr.Everone and a group lead by a murderer to take over the Tribe.

We are asking all government Tribes, organizations and/or individuals, to come together and provide any assistance possible to fight this injustice and be victorious in this quest to right an incredible wrong.

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